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Elena Alexandrovna Likhach ( Skoch - skill project) is an artist by education, in 2017 she created her own project and presented works made from adhesive tape. In the world, this style is known as Tape - art and only a few artists are engaged in its implementation in their works, including Elena Likhach.
Features of the modern style of creating paintings
Instead of brush strokes, Elena Likhach (Skoch Skill project) makes a smear with adhesive tape. Wide, narrow, transparent, yellow. It all depends on the layering of the adhesive tape balls. Elena achieves the clarity of details, and in this she is helped by an art education, which the girl has been passionate about since childhood.
As the artist herself says: “I have my own style of applying adhesive tape to glass, which makes my paintings memorable.” The artist's works are as close as possible to the very source of the idea of the image, and the illumination of the paintings allows you to view the work from a different point of view.
Artist's hobbies
Elena Likhach has been taking individual lessons with her students on creating pictures from adhesive tape for several years. There are many people in Moscow who want to try their hand at new art, relax and create.
Elena also takes care of the ecological state of the planet and constantly finances projects to clean up the Earth from human hands. She considers it her duty and encourages others to take care of the world we live in. Skill Skoch by Likhach Elena gives 20% of money for charity

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